2013_HAHATWelcome to the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia!

There have been a lot of strides forward this past year, haven’t there? Obviously there’s still a long way to go, but there are two topics I’d like to comment on.

First – More states and countries have signed marriage equality into law. Which is awesome, of course. I don’t often express my beliefs or political opinions, partly because I don’t much like confrontation, and partly because I expose so much of myself through my writing that I don’t feel the need to open even more of my inner self for inspection. But there’s something about the marriage equality debate that drives me crazy (aside from the fact I don’t think there should be ANY debate at all – just fucking do it already).

But one of the other things that makes me bonkers is this fallback on the bible, and using it to define marriage. I’d like to send a big slap upside the head to everyone using this argument. Christians didn’t invent marriage. They don’t hold copyright or patents. It’s not their intellectual property. So why, exactly, do they feel they have the right to define it? But I’ll stop there – I have some fairly strong opinions about religion, but I’m pretty sure expressing them would count as being confrontational.

Second – The first professional sports player in the big four comes out. Yay! Congratulations Jason Collins! It’s a shame that anyone’s sexuality should still fucking matter, especially with respect to doing his JOB, but it’s not a perfect world and I definitely admire his courage in going public.

I must admit, I was surprised that the first wasn’t an NHL player. Between the You Can Play project and the fact that over 60% of NHL players are from nations who’ve legalized marriage equality, I thought FOR SURE a hockey player would be the first one out.

While I know the people participating in this hop and visiting the hop sites are already LGBT or allies, it still makes me feel warm inside, because we’re growing in numbers all the time. I’m happy we’re united in fighting against homophobia and transphobia. Because there is sweet fuck all to be afraid of and no good reason to hate, and the more people who know it, the better.

Now after that rambling stream of thoughts falling out of my brain… the contest!
I’m offering an ebook from my back list to one random commenter. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment (and it’s okay if that’s all you leave as a comment).

Like last year, I’m also going to offer up some $ for charity, but I’ll up the ante a bit. I’ll contribute $2 for every comment, up to a maximum of $200. I’m not rolling in it, people! Anyway, I haven’t quite decided which charity, although it will likely be The Trevor Project or HRC. Since I now live in Pasadena, I may also look at a local charity that aids LGBT youth in the Los Angeles area. I may even split the donation, I haven’t decided.

Now, I’ll also be out of town and most likely offline until May 29, so I’ll post & contact the winner then.

Check out all the other participants at the main hop page! The hop lasts until May 27 and there will be prizes available on other sites.