UPDATE: What I should have included in this post was ALL the places you can win copies of the six upcoming Carina Press M/M week releases (thanks, Chris!).  And if this looks familiar… I’m reposting because I don’t think the RSS feed picked up the updates.

First: Chris at Stumbling over Chaos is hosting a pre-release contest. You could win a bundle of all six books.

Second: The blog tour. Check out this page for details and links to tour stops. There will be opportunities to win at all the tour stops.

Third: Jessewave is offering all six books as freebies during release week, but I don’t know if will be as a bundle or individually. Check the site for details, and if/when I find out for sure, I’ll post here.

Release day for First Time, Forever is coming up soon, and it’s being released along with a bunch of other awesome M/M books. We’ve got several stops for a blog tour, where you can win copies of these new releases:

  • A Brush With Darkness by Erastes
  • Brook Street: Thief by Ava March
  • Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham
  • Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox
  • First Time, Forever by KC Burn
  • What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin

Checkout the details of the tour here.