I don’t know if these have all been posted over the last week, or whether I’ve just noticed them, but I have gotten a TON of great reviews.  It’s like Christmas all over again!  Most of them are for Cop Out, but there was a new one for Blood Relations, too.  Which was also nice because I just submitted the manuscript for the third MIA book (finally!) so here’s hoping Loose Id likes it 🙂

Interview first… I’ve been interviewed over at House Millar, so please stop by and check it out… all you’ve ever wanted to know about me and probably a hell of a lot more 😉

Cop Out

5 Fairies at JPB Reviews: “I highly recommend this book if you like stories about finding love in the most unexpected places.”

4.5 Stars at Between the Covers: “This story had the potentially to be mediocre, but was handled in such a way that even the cliche moments feel right in what is a heart-wrenching, feel-good love story.

4 Ladybugs at Musings of a Bookworm: “As a love story I would say it is first class and if you have not read any gay fiction before this is a good place to start because it is and emotionally charged story that will have you smiling, crying and doing a snoopy dance at the end, what more could you want!

4.5 Nymphs at Literary Nymphs: ““Gay for you” books can be tough to write but this author did a good job, starting Kurt and Davy off as friends and allowing their relationship to build, slowing changing it to something deeper and stronger. It’s truly a case of love born out of tragedy and instead of appearing tacky, Ms. Burn handled it with creativity and taste.

4.5 Delightful Divas at Dark Divas Reviews: “With tight writing, an interesting plot and solid characterizations, Cop Out was a noteworthy novel and I could foresee sequels. In fact this book was so good that if Ms. Burn wrote another in this universe, I would certainly buy it. Recommended.

5 Stars from Redheads Review it Better: “Extremely well written book that has me wanting to buy up the rest of K.C. Burn’s books!

4 Stars from House Millar: “I found the characters to be believable and the story line to be emotionally powerful as well. The writing is excellent – not a word I use a lot for writing styles – and am very glad that I took a chance on a new author (new to me at least).

MIA Case Files: Blood Relations

3.5 Delightful Divas at Dark Divas Reviews: “As a fan of any type of vampire novels, Blood Relations was a treat.