I spent a lot of time angst-ing about a particular WIP late last year – I wrote it out of order, I had issues with the penis references, and the title gave me fits. Well, I just got the contract from Loose Id! YAY! And so far, we’re keeping the title I wanted it to have: Trompe L’Oeil. I know, I know, it’s French, but trompe l’oeil is an artistic term for trick of the eye and it features heavily in the story.

I have no info on release date or anything, but here’s a super-short blurb… which also may change, who knows? I really love this story, despite all the hair pulling 🙂

After spurning the advances of his sponsor, Maxwell, a Depression-era artist, is cursed to live for eternity as a life-sized nude painting, never to know the joys of love. But when Tyler, a lonely history professor, acquires the painting decades later, can his fascination with the painting’s subject cause them both to fall in love and break the spell?