For this month’s DIK reading challenge review, I read L.B. Gregg’s Happy Ending, the second in the Men of Smithfield series. It features two very different men, Seth and David, who get to know each other under rather difficult circumstances. Happy Ending started with a humorous scene, very typical of L.B.’s quirky, fun writing style. We’re immersed immediately into Seth’s arrogance, but it’s the arrogance of a self-confident, self-assured man, and his attitude is almost endearing. David, on the other hand, doesn’t find him endearing at all.

Quickly though, we discover Seth’s arrogance is often a façade to help him deal with his emotional upheaval and the almost bewildering lifestyle change imposed on him by his sister’s death, resulting in guardianship of his six year old niece. David, in Seth’s eyes, is mercurial and irresponsible, but dealing with a blackmailer, a kidnapper and a persistent ex makes Seth realize there’s no one else he can rely on like David, even after discovering the truth about David’s closely guarded secrets. Although Seth can hardly believe how much he wants David, he doesn’t deny that he does.

This story kept me guessing with unexpected twists and turns, and made for a pretty decent suspense story. But the main driving force was the developing relationship between Seth and David on the backdrop of Seth discovering new depths about himself. I’d hesitate to say he became a different person over the course of the book, but he definitely became more accepting, and his hard edges softened. Both characters were extremely appealing, but so vastly different it was hard to believe, even near the end of the book, that they could possibly make a relationship work. Somehow they do. Seth and David find their own improbable and yet entirely believable and satisfying happy ending. I was very pleased with this follow up to the entertaining Gobsmacked.