Wow.  Just about everything that’s happened with MIA Case Files: Wolfsbane has been awesome.  Getting an offer to publish it with Loose Id, being able to say I have an editor, going through edits (which I probably shouldn’t have found as pleasurable as I did), seeing my cover art, getting the final version, seeing my book on Loose Id’s home page… each and every one of those experiences has been pretty spectacular.  But I’d be lying if I said the allure of holding a physical book in my hand with my words printed on the pages had nothing to do with my desire to write for publication.   Of course, I wanted to share my vision and the characters in my head with the world at large, but holding a book in my hand feels like the culmination of that vision, and it’s an awesome feeling.  I may have… ahem… been fondling my author copies obsessively since they arrived.  😉
Print format available at Amazon and Books A Million.