Well, it was a scramble to get this done before I left for the RWA National Conference!  In fact, I’m posting this from the hotel right now.

Anyway, for this month’s DIK Review, I chose Gobsmacked by LB Gregg (and for some reason, I keep typing that as Gobsmaked).  This is the first of the Men of Smithfield series, and it’s a great beginning to a great series.

Mark discovers his boyfriend is cheating on him and kicks him out.  He’s also feeling a little vindictive, and in the process of extracting a little revenge on Jamie, via his belongings, discovers that Jamie’s neck-deep in trouble and has dragged Mark into it with him.  Fortunately for Mark, his best friend Tony is a cop who is willing to help and protect Mark… for more reasons than just friendship.

I was hooked from the very first sentence, and the book was filled with what I’ve come to realize is LB Gregg’s signature – lots of humour, lots of love and lots of quirkiness (the sex is totally hot, too).  It’s a fun read, and although there’s a couple of times where you just want to shake Mark for being obtuse (as I’ve no doubt Tony wanted to do also), you can’t help but sympathize with him.  You want him to get his revenge on Jamie, you want him to end up with a man who loves him, and you want him to have his happily ever after.  Although it looks a couple of times like that’s not going to happen, LB delivers, and leaves us with a very satisfying conclusion.