The book I’m reviewing this month for the DIK Reading Challenge is Collision Course by KA Mitchell.

Collision Course by KA Mitchell is, in my opinion, an opposites-attract story. Joey Miller is a man who maybe hasn’t quite finished growing up and Aaron Chase is a man who has raised his younger siblings and has no interest in taking responsibility for anyone else. Joey’s a romantic looking for ‘the one’ and Aaron has no interest in settling down with anyone. Joey is a social worker and Aaron’s experience taking care of his siblings make him suspicious of the system. And although Aaron is a paramedic, he doesn’t trust Joey’s ‘do-gooder’ nature. That doesn’t stop them from wanting each other, and they find themselves trying to find some common ground.

A potentially fatal situation brings them both to some serious self-realizations. Aaron’s spent so much time trying to raise his siblings that he fails to see that caring for someone new, a partner, isn’t a burden. Joey realizes that as much as he wants love, he’s been afraid of it; he needs to take responsibility for his own actions and stop sabotaging his relationships.

I love Joey. I loved Joey after his brief appearance in Diving in Deep, and I was happy to see him get his own story. He’s totally adorable, and throughout it all, I kept rooting for him to get what he wanted, and in this case, he wanted Aaron. Aaron is, in many ways, a typical alpha – gruff, demanding, unwilling to show emotion. But Joey thawed him throughout the book, and the ending was so sweet I almost cried (and I HATE crying). The emotional growth of these two men, alongside the development of their relationship, was beautiful, and something KA Mitchell excels at. And the sex was completely hot as well – can’t forget that! Collision Course was a great read.