So.  Spam.  Everyone hates it, and for the most part, it’s pernicious and malicious.  I use gmail, and gmail is pretty darn good at catching spam (and a few not-spam, but you can’t expect perfection, right?)  But, spam also has its humourous side.

I have what we’ll call a “business” email address, which is where people interested in my book (hopefully soon to be plural!) can contact me.  It’s this email that I use for commenting on blogs, joining yahoo groups, etc., etc.  I also have a personal email address for friends and family.  Not that the two don’t cross, but having two addresses makes it easier for me to keep track.

Spammers seem to think that I, personally, am acquainted with penises that are too small.  They are quite anxious to increase the size of those penises.  Of course, clearly I need Viagra, too.  Because what good are bigger dicks if they don’t work?  And if they’re bigger, and work… uh… overtime, perhaps I would feel the need for some sort of narcotic or muscle relaxant.

Surely, given what I write, you’d think there would be an algorithm or something to direct such spam in a more “appropriate” direction, namely, my writer/business email.

Am I the only one who sees the connection?  Instead, the spammers seem to think my writer persona  is in desperate need of search engine optimization and increasing my web traffic (okay, that might be true).  But I’ve yet to get any porn or penis enlarging spam in my writer inbox – not that I’m trying to elicit any, I’m just amused by the irony.