cover art - the tithe

The Tithe

Seven years ago, Aric watched his best friend enlist in the United Human Coalition military and leave aboard a starship. Aric was a simple farmer, one of many who provided foodstuffs to the UHC. How could he possibly compete with the lure of space travel and the chance to see other planets? But it’s time to move on with his life. Mourning “what might have been” was futile and only made his family worry.

Seven years ago, Tobin had nothing to offer Aric beside his heart and a strong body. Not nearly enough for Aric’s family, who’d already begun the search for suitable brides. Without prospects and unwilling to watch Aric marry someone else, Tobin enlisted. At least he’d have the excitement of seeing new worlds while fighting to protect humanity. But military life was not kind to him, and when he unexpectedly returns home, he has even less to offer Aric than before.

Seeing Tobin again fills Aric with joy and he’s bursting with feelings he’d never dared confess. But Tobin is a different man from the boy who left. Settling back into farm life might be well beyond his capabilities, and the unspoken feelings might be better off left unsaid. Because losing Tobin again could break Aric for good.

Available in: eBook

Expanded and revised from story previously available in the One Pulse anthology.


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