cover art - blood relations

Blood Relations (MIA Case Files 2)

Frazer Nyland’s dating life has fizzled out. Dates and hook ups are easy to find, but none of them want anything deeper or meaningful. Meeting Cooper gives Frazer new hope, and he can’t help but fall in love. When one of his past hook ups is found dead, Frazer suddenly longs for the day when dating was his biggest woe.

Hounded by an overzealous cop, sexually harassed at work, and suspected of being a serial killer, there’s only one good thing in his life—Cooper. But as the lies and evasions build up, Frazer has to face a bitter truth. Cooper is not what he seems, and it wouldn’t be the first time Frazer had been played for a fool. Heartbreak on top of everything else seems like a cruel twist of fate, but if he’s arrested for murder, his love life might be the least of his problems.

Agent Cooper Wallace didn’t expect meet the love of his life while hunting an Umbrae-possessed vampire. Nor did he expect a scorching one-night stand to lead to a lasting relationship. But meeting Frazer changes a lot of Cooper’s expectations. Unfortunately, Cooper also didn’t expect his investigation of possible vampire victims to lead him to Frazer’s home town and the discovery that the disappearances can be connected to Frazer. Doing his job and closing the portal that spawned the Umbrae will save countless innocents but could cost him Frazer’s love and possibly his life.

Cover Artist: Winterheart Designs

Available in: eBook, Print


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