This is the third in my sci-fi Galactic Alliance series, and whooo, did I ever get a great cover! I’ve always been lucky enough to get good covers, but this one is pretty spectacular! Voodoo ‘n’ Vice is due for release on May 26.

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Voodoo ‘n’ Vice

Publisher: Carina Press

Series: Galactic Alliance

Release Date: May 26, 2014

eISBN: 9781426898419

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After nearly causing a galactic incident, fleet captain Gideon Arcturus is disgraced, demoted and exiled with nothing to do but pass the time at a seedy club on seedier planet Elora Ki. It’s no place for a straight-laced soldier, but following the rules is what got him there in the first place. When he meets a mesmerizing fire dancer, he’d do anything to get close to the flame.

Tai doesn’t date customers—it’s far too dangerous for a man who was once for sale. But the shy, awkward Gideon entices him, and the two spend Gideon’s leave tangled together, neither knowing the passion that stirs within them won’t soon subside.

When a violent drug lord forces Tai back into slavery, Tai has no choice but to give up his new love. But when Gideon learns that Tai’s fate lies with those who brought about his own ruin, he’ll need to revisit his own difficult past in order to save them both.