While I was on vacation, I got a brand spanking new contract from Dreamspinner Press for Cast Off, the third in my Toronto Tales series. Anyone who was looking for Ian and Rick… well, you only need to wait until autumn! It’s a complete thrill, because this is the first complete book I’ve written since I had those months of back problems last year, and I love working with Dreamspinner. So glad to feel like I’m back on a roll. Crazy deadline one – success! We’re still waiting on the outcome of crazy deadline two 🙂

I’ve posted the tentative blurb for Cast Off below, but it’s possible that both title and blurb could change. It’s early days yet!

Rick Haviland is a man with a secret, a secret that has made him wary of both families and relationships. As a result, he developed a number of rules to ensure he doesn’t get ensnared by a man looking for more than a good time.

Fearing the reaction of his large, Catholic family, closeted Ian O’Donnell has spent years doing nothing but look for casual hook-ups. When he decides to bust out of the closet, Rick is right there, at a party they attend together, like a prize for the gut-wrenching ordeal he’s gone through.

Their attraction is immediate and electric and a terrible idea. Against all odds, Rick breaks one of his cardinal rules to have sex with Ian and Ian finally allows himself to care for a man. Connected by family and friends, any kind of involvement could have a detrimental impact on their circle, so they embark on a quest to find platonic friendship, with the promise of no strings sex on the horizon.

After several weeks, their hidden friendship develops into a hidden relationship. When Rick’s secret past is about to be exposed on the Internet, is Ian’s love and commitment strong enough to keep them together in the face of the destruction of both their careers?