Oh, look, a blog! What’s this doing here? Oh, I know, it’s languishing from lack of attention. But I have good reasons, I swear.

My husband got transferred to California. From Orlando. Big, huge move, right? Well, the whole transfer was actually contingent on us selling our house. We ended up with a cash offer that meant we’d close in three weeks. Three weeks to prepare for a move across the country (thankfully we didn’t actually have to pack, but still LOTS of stuff to do).

But, here’s the thing… I’d just registered for GayRomLit… I’d asked one of my publishers when I’d need to get a manuscript in, if I was going to have any hope of getting a new book out before GRL. I was told April 15. I said okay. Then we sold our house with a closing date of April 5. Flight to California scheduled for April 6.

Um… yeah. Probably I shouldn’t admit this aloud, but when I promised that manuscript? It was nothing more than a glint in my eye. So, manuscript FROM SCRATCH, and MOVE ACROSS COUNTRY. No f**king problem, right?

Seriously, I thought I was going to lose my ever-loving mind. Let’s not forget… hubby’s never had to do this process from start to finish. We fought like we’ve never fought in the twenty years we’ve been together.

And then of course, taxes. I procrastinated so badly on the taxes, we had to all our tax stuff in our luggage, because… yes, we’re in temporary housing for two months. During which, all of our stuff will be in storage.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t entirely good reasons. Some of it may have been me being stupid. But… I made ALL my deadlines. Which means I can breathe, and I’ve made a start on updating my website and catching up on some of my social media… Amazing!

Then I promptly flew back to Chicago for the Dreamspinner Press authors’ weekend. It was a fabulous time, and I learned a lot. I may even start making a few mini videos. We’ll have to see… I did also sign up for another crazy deadline, but we’ll save that one for another post. I’m going to have a few for the California Files!

I’m really hoping that I’ll have good news about that manuscript soon, but in the meantime, I’m starting something new… it’s a little different from my normal stuff, so we’ll see how it goes!

Also, I was at Contact Infinite Futures this week reviewing Oblivion and I’m at Flirty Author Bitches today talking about one of my favourite reference sites for writing… no, sorry, it’s not a porn site.

Ooh, and we can’t forget… a new Lords of Aether post went up today, from me & Lex, and Cop Out came out in French this week. Hmmm… maybe breathing is overrated 😉