Today I’m at Contact Infinite Futures talking about Cloud Atlas. I did not enjoy it. Feel free to stop by and find out why, or you know, tell me why you did like it. I probably won’t believe you, but you can try 😉

Also, the Spanish translation for Cop Out came out yesterday. It’s called Evadiendo los problems, and it’s available from Dreamspinner Press. The translations are soooo cool.

I still have to update my website with the translation info, because I screwed up my back again and I’m having difficulty sitting in front of the computer. The chiropractor assures me it will get better faster than last time, but considering the first round of back issues is still completely messing up my writing schedules, I’m not impressed.

I’ve seen the draft cover for Cover Up. I was hoping I’d have the final to reveal today as well, but no such luck. Soon I hope!

Anyway, stop by Contact Infinite Futures if you get a chance. And assuming you’ve even heard of Cloud Atlas. I sure haven’t seen a lot of marketing for it.