I’ve announced this on Twitter & FB, but now that I’ve got the contract in my hot little hands, I’m posting the news here, too.  This is Oliver’s story, and the tentative blurb is below.  I’m so thrilled, I just love Oliver 🙂  It may even be a fall release… fingers crossed!

MIA Case Files: Craving (tentative blurb):

On a mission tracking down werewolves, a mishap disables Agent Brandon Ellison, rendering him unfit for field duty.  Unable to deal with the repercussions of the accident, Brandon moves away and Oliver Cardoso not only loses his partner, but his lover.  Years later, when Brandon returns as head of MIA’s Research and Development team, the hurt, guilt and blame fester into jealousy and professional rivalry, making working together almost impossible.

When an equipment failure almost kills Oliver, it appears as though Brandon’s executing some sort of revenge.  Determined to find out the truth, Brandon invites himself along on his first mission in years, with Oliver and his new partner.  With an elusive portal and the Umbrae creating a previously unknown creature, hundreds of lives, including Oliver’s, are at stake.  Although their attraction hasn’t waned in the intervening years, putting aside their differences creates a potentially fatal distraction and falling in love again might destroy them both.