Oh, I have been very remiss in writing this post.  I’m totally excited about the project, but Real Life’s been getting in the way of me being online.

Anyway, I’ve been invited to contribute to a gay, steampunk web serial.  I’ll be joining a group of very talented authors: Lex Valentine (the driving force behind the project), Stephani Hecht and Jaime Samms (who I had the pleasure of meeting at GayRomLit this year), Jason Edding and Charlie Cochrane.  It will be called Lords of Aether and we’re expecting to launch sometime in December (fingers crossed).

Lex blogged about it in-depth at Castles and Guns, if you want to find out more about it.  I’ll be sure to post updates here.

I hope you’ll be gentle with us, because I think this is the first time venturing into Steampunk for all of us.  We’ve started brainstorming already and I can’t wait to start posting!