Two blogging incidents have happened recently which have made me decide to retro blog (which I will explain momentarily & hope it’s not a term that describes a real thing).

1. My schedule at Contact Infinite Futures changed, putting all my scheduled blogging in the 3rd & 4th weeks of the month, which leaves potentially 3 weeks per month blog-free — surely that’s not a good idea, right?

2. Due to a catastrophic technical failure, the Flirty Author Bitches site had to be relaunched — sans my spectacular bon mots, words of wisdom and uh… romantic hero cage matches.  Since I’m completely paranoid, I have all my blog entries back up.  And since I don’t want to deprive the world of my words of wisdom (yes, I can hear the eye-rolling from here) I will repost some of those FAB posts here as… retro blogs.  So, retro blogging is essentially me cheating by posting stuff I’ve already posted and through no fault of my own has since been deleted from the FAB site.

I’m also toying with the idea of 100 word blog entries, but I haven’t yet decided.  So, next week, I’ll post my first retro blog.