Nutterbutters.  Peanut butter cookie with peanut butter filling.  I don’t remember ever seeing these back home in Toronto, so I’d never tried them until recently.  I like them, but I’m not entirely sure why — the peanut taste isn’t quite as strong as I’d like.  Fudgee-O’s are cookies that I’ve not seen down here in Florida.  They’re chocolate cookies filled with chocolate, and they’re better than Oreos, in my opinion.  But, as I ate my Nutterbutters the other day, I realized that I think they’re both made by the same company… and for whatever reason one is Canadian & the other is American.  Weird, eh?  Still, I think it would absolutely GENIOUS if they combined the two.  Seriously.  One chocolate cookie, one peanut butter cookie, with chocolate and peanut butter filling.  Holy crap, I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Someone get on that, okay?  Please?