We recently got a new blu-ray player — our old DVD player died.  We can get Netflix directly through the blu-ray player — so cool!  I’m loving it.  We finished watching Lie to Me.  When the series started, we weren’t able to work it into our elaborate and often excessive TV schedule.  But access it through Netflix?  Perfect.  We enjoyed it quite a bit, enough queue up the second season when it became available.  Tim Roth is great, although my all-time favourite Tim Roth role was in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.  Love that movie!

Anyway, when we bought the player, my hubby said I could also get one movie (non-Netflix-ian).  I really wanted to get Sahara, because I adore that movie.  Hubby laughed at me.  Said I might be the only one who did.  And I already own it on DVD.  I didn’t *need* it on blu-ray, I just wanted it.  However, instead I grabbed the recent Star Trek.  Which was also awesome, although I did expect Kirk to kick a little more butt than he ended up doing.  But the casting was exceptional, especially Karl Urban as Bones.  And it was visually impressive.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in all its blu-ray glory.

Of course, the real problem with the new player?  The easy Netflix access means I may never have to get off the couch again — I can already feel my butt getting bigger 🙁