I got suckered into watching a Lifetime movie recently. For someone who writes & reads romances, I don’t much like movie versions of them. Generally, I find them too sappy and emotional on screen. I’d much rather watch something explode. However, the sole and single reason I ended up watching? Ivan Sergei. The movie wasn’t bad, but if not for Ivan Sergei, I doubt I would have even given it a second of my time.

There are movies I am more inclined to watch solely because of the actors involved, regardless of whether I’d usually be interested in the genre. There are also a lot of famous, talented actors who can carry a bad movie, and lots of people who’d go see a crap movie with those famous actors. But I’m talking about (somewhat) less well known actors. Anyone watch Dollhouse? I liked it, but not as much as Firefly. However, Enver Gjokaj, the guy who played Victor? Cute, and hands down the best actor on that show. He was incredible, especially since he had to play a different character every episode. Now, I would watch just about anything with him in it. I’ve felt the same way about Ryan Reynolds since his sit-com days, and that opinion is clearly justified.

Cillian Murphy and Oded Fehr are on my list, too. Cillian first came to my attention in 28 Days Later (due to my insatiable love of zombie movies & his hotness) but he made it on my list after playing Scarecrow in Batman Begins – flipping brilliant in that role. Oded Fehr – who could forget him as Ardeth Bay (with those SEXY tattoos) in the Mummy movies? Naturally, I was thrilled he was in the Resident Evil movies (‘cuz, zombies… again!) As far as I know, Ivan wasn’t in a zombie movie, but he did appear briefly in Kindred: The Embraced… vampires are close, right? Now Enver just needs to find a good zombie movie to act in — is that an oxymoron? And if you’ve got any suggestions for talented, attractive actors who are maybe not so well known? I’d love to hear ‘em.