I had intended to write a blog about Mad Libs for vocabulary month. I love Mad Libs, especially when I can get together with a group of friends, open a couple bottles of wine, and compete to come up with the dirtiest, raunchiest options to fill in the blanks. But, you gotta take inspiration where you can get it, and I got it tonight, so – slight change in plans.

Hubby was watching Stanley Cup Playoffs (Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh), while I was writing. There was a huge collision between players, and one of them was knocked out completely. From the replay, it appeared to have been a clean hit, but you know, still pretty intense, given the one guy was out cold for a few minutes. While they’re out on the ice, trying to determine how badly the Pittsburgh player was injured (and while he’s still out cold) the announcer says “A tedious moment while we wait…” Tedious. Yeah, somehow, I think that’s not really what he meant to say, unless he’s the most heartless guy on the planet. Vocabulary, people. One word alteration can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Which, come to think, is exactly the premise of Mad Libs. Go to your local bookstore, go online, make up your own… Change the meaning of sentences in harmless and utterly amusing ways. Use the power of vocabulary for good!

And in case you were wondering… the player left the ice under his own steam, so hopefully he wasn’t injured too badly. Those hockey players are machines… so tough!