What makes a man sexy? Sure there’s the easy answer – hard body and handsome face, but in reality, without personality and flaws, the muscles and face are inconsequential after a while. Some of my favorite and most unforgettable hotties have vivid, colorful personalities and are often beset with flaws or insecurities. Is that because perfection would be terrifying? Or just boring?

Of course, some of the hottest characters out there are alpha males – there’s no denying their appeal. It’s the reason so many romantic heroes are cops, firefighters, knights and warriors. Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood is one that leaps to mind. Sexy, strong, sensual, take charge (and just a little bit crazy, but that’s his flaw).

He’s not the only sexy alpha out there: Captain James T. Kirk (yeah, I might have a thing for sci-fi), pretty much every hero in Johanna Lindsey’s books, Rick O’Connell from The Mummy, Suzanne Brockmann’s Jules Cassidy, Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser, J.L. Langley’s Jake Romero, Drew Zachary’s Robert Connel, Han Solo… the list goes on. Each of these characters has some trait that makes them vulnerable or insecure, and it allows us to sympathize with them, empathize with them, and yes, even love them.

Even if a character is not a typical alpha male, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ‘less’. Definitely not less attractive, and often they’re extremely compelling. In my opinion, a sexy leading guy always has at least one trait in which they are strong, an ‘alpha’ expression of a characteristic.

Take Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. Not a typical alpha male, but still incredibly appealing due to his insane intelligence and his unwavering confidence in his ability to think himself through a problem. Doctor Who falls in the same category. Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English is another that comes to mind. He’s so strong mentally – no matter what life throws at him, he takes it on the chin and keeps going. But none of them are perfect, and all of them are hot.

So, is it really imperfection that make a man sexy? Nope, it’s how they deal with their imperfections. Often those imperfections make it difficult for them to fall in love, but when they fall, it’s explosive and heartwarming. The hard body and good looks don’t hurt, though!