Works in Progress

Let’s start this out with a wee disclaimer. I’m putting this information out there on the assumption that my publishers will want to publish the manuscript I send them. NONE of the below are under contract, so there’s no guarantee that any of these will see the light of day. Also, I’m totally weird about titles, so unless I state otherwise, all titles are placeholders.

Holiday Story – with a cowboy!

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Status: in progress, postponed until 2018


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Status: Contracted as Set Ablaze and will be out in the spring of 2018

North on Drummond 2 (tentatively titled West on Grainger)

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Status: Still working… slowly.

Galactic Alliance #4
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Status: Project on hold until 2018.

Other Planned Books on the Horizon… (I really can’t have too many on the go at any one time)
So much SciFi in my head…
Another mystery
Super Duper Fantasy Epic
Galactic Alliance 5 & 6


Works in Progress — 25 Comments

  1. Have all your books and enjoyed them all so the books Construction Foreman & the Actor and Psychic & the Cop atr they going to be stand-alones or part of a series.
    Thanks and keep up the great work

  2. Thanks, Rae-Ellen! At the moment, I intend for the Psychic & The Cop to be a standalone story, but the Construction Foreman & the Actor will be the start of a new series.

  3. Enjoyed reading Gideon and Tai story (Voodoo ‘N’ Vice….please tell me Sven story is next…I hope Del will be the lucky recipient of all that fine loving…great Galactic Alliance series

  4. Thanks Belina! Yes, the next story is Sven’s! Not sure when I’ll be able to get it out, but I hope it will be before the end of the year.

  5. Loved reading all your books and am looking forward to the next book of the Rainbow Blue series… Hoping its Ryan or Bennet’s stories and of course would love to have a peek on Luke & Jimmy’s lives as they move forward.

  6. Virginia – I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the notification for this! Thank you so much for your lovely words, and I haven’t quite decided yet who is up next for Rainbow Blues, but so far Ryan is in the lead 🙂

  7. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that i love your books. Completely loved Rainbow Blues and cannot wait to read more in that series. If it’s to be a series. I would love to read Bennet’s and Ryan’s story.

  8. Hello, I am a new-ish fan. I started with Doctor Chicken, then Rainbow Blues, and I just finished marathon of Toronto Tales. I love them all! I cried a little too. However, reading Toronto Tales books makes me wonder, will you write the story about Jon, Leon, and/or Oscar someday? I love to catch up with the existing characters while reading about a new story

  9. Hi Theo – so glad you had a good time with my guys 🙂 I’ve definitely got plans for Jon… as for the others, we’ll have to see!

  10. Just finished the Toronto Tales. Loved them. Going to look into more of your writing soon. 🙂

  11. Love your Galactic Alliance series! Got the first one, then realized there were more and now I’m hooked. I can’t wait to read more, especially about Sven, Del, and maybe even Kincaid, Gideon’s brother? I am a new fan and will keep an eye out for more of your books.

  12. Hi Ali – sorry, my website suddenly stopped sending me notification of comments! Thank you so much – I have plans for Sven, Del & Kincaid… stay tuned 🙂

  13. Hi K.C,

    I need a followup with Luke & Jimmy. I’ve re-read this book so many times, would you consider doing a sequel for them? I don’t think they get enough recognition honestly. I would love Jimmy to have baby fever! Just a continuation of some sorts. I need it please!!

  14. Tamika – how funny you chose to comment now! Just yesterday, I started the next book in that series! Now, it’s not going to be about Luke & Jimmy, but they’ll definitely show up. As to whether Jimmy will end up with baby fever… we’ll just have to see 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed them, though. I had so much fun with them.

  15. Hi KC,
    I purchase Spice ‘n’ Solace way back and because I purchase your book on my iPad and never back up my iPad I lost my copy at some point. For a long time I was extremely disappointed. As time went on I forgot all about my lost copy and continued to purchase other stories. Today I was on All Romance once more looking for something new to read and I remembered the one book I love and lost. So I thought I should purchase it again but to my horror I could no longer find it. A quick google search led me to your webpage and to my surprise The Galactic Series. I was very happy. However, my efforts to repurchase Spice ‘n’ Solace were not good. I couldn’t find your book available anywhere. Could you please let me know if there is somewhere I can purchase this book. It is one of my favourites.
    Thank you, Michelle Rae.

  16. Hi Michelle,
    I’m so sorry you’ve been having difficulty. Unfortunately, this title vanished from the ARe site, and although I’ve been in contact with my publisher, it has yet to be restored. However, it should be available from other retailers. Do you have anyone else you normally use? Drop me a line at and we’ll see if we can get this sorted for you.

  17. Hi Amy – thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! I am absolutely giving Jaime his own story, although there might be someone else getting one first 😉

  18. I finished Tartan Candy last night and loved it. Looked at your other titles and am looking forward to reading more of your work! Can’t wait for Tartan Candy #2!

  19. I’m just starting Tartan Candy and I do have all three of the series. Can you tell me if this series is complete now? Thanks a bunch! 😀

  20. Hi Claire – sorry for the delay in replying! At the moment, I don’t have plans to write any more in that series, but who knows what the future will bring 🙂

  21. I read the “blurbs” for your three SciFi books (The Galactic Alliance Series) and found them very interesting. So I am Hoping that you might be able to tell me how to buy them (because asking the source, is better shearching the internet and falling down rabbit holes)

  22. Hi Robert,
    Sorry, I just discovered some comments got spam filtered 🙁 including yours. As far as I know, the series should be available at all the major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks. Sometimes my books are listed as KC Burn and others as K.C. Burn, but if you check under both, you should be able to find them. Thank you for your interest!

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