Week-long Birthday Bash – $15 Giveaway

Oh, so many wonderful memories of my birthday – and it’s tomorrow, thanks for asking 😉 There was that time I had to work a 12 hours shift. Or how about that time my mother called exactly one month late? Or when my dad called 3 days late? Well, okay, so that’s every year. My thirteenth birthday at my cousin’s wedding. With a horrifying number of polkas. Or what about that one where I was at a conference and spent my birthday alone on the other side of the country? I did splurge on a very nice meal and read a good book, so it wasn’t all bad, but it was a little weird.

Fine. The actual day of my birthday hasn’t always been fabulous. Fortunately, I’m not one of those people who gets really squirrelly about it, and I’ve certainly had some wonderful birthday celebrations in the vicinity of the day. Like last year, a girls’ trip to Boston with the two women I’ve been friends with since we were all ten – we all turned forty last year within less than a month of each other. Or a trip to the UK. Or this year, when hubby and I are going to San Diego for the weekend.

As a happy coincidence, I just signed up for Rafflecopter – for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a way to have giveaways that don’t rely on my counting up comments and using random.org to choose a winner. However, I’ve never used it before and want to test it out, before my blog tour in a few months. I thought a birthday bash would be exactly the best way to do it!

You’ve got until the day my dad remembers to call me… well, that’s maybe too nebulous. Let’s say until Friday October 4, end of day, to share with me here one of your favourite birthday memories, and/or enter using one of the other methods via Rafflecopter, giving you another chance at a $15 Amazon or All Romance eBook gift certificate.

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Week-long Birthday Bash – $15 Giveaway — 15 Comments

  1. When I was six years old, my parents gave me a small pearl heart play necklace. It seemed to so special and personal to me at the time.

  2. My birthdays always seem better in the anticipation than the actual happenings…but a few years ago I got taken out on my first date (I’m part hermit so it is no shock it took so long for this to happen) and got my first kiss a few minutes into my birthday. Nothing came of it, but it was a nice new experience.

  3. Happy birthday! One of my special memories is when I was helping plan a friend’s surprise birthday party and then when I arrived at the location it turned out that our group of friends had secretly been planning a joint surprise party for both of us. I hope that you have a great day and weekend!

  4. One of the best birthday memories was my 40th. A friend was taking me out for dinner to celebrate it and unbeknownst to me, the entire staff of where we worked had planned a surprise birthday party there. I was so shocked when I walked into the restaurant and everyone screamed and shouted “Happy Birthday” but also very happy to work with such a wonderful group of people.
    kalimar2010 @ gmail.com

  5. One year, my husband and I were driving through France, I was very frosty on my birthday day as he’d forgotten – he just thought I was in a strop – not so big a deal really but his birthday is 4 days before mine – every year, a handy reminder! – and it was only a few days later, watching the news in a motel somewhere, he cottoned on – the miracle really was that he’d translated the date from French to English and then worked out he’d missed my birthday!

  6. My best birthday memory is from my 21st. My husband was away with the army but he still remembered his brand new wife and sent me 21 red roses!! This was before he found out I suffered from hay fever, even with cut flowers, and never sent me roses again (mind you I did get the odd Orchid or two)

  7. Jess – love that you still have fond memories of that necklace.
    Carissa – a first kiss on your birthday is an awesome present!
    Thank you, Marie, and what a great surprise you had 🙂
    Kat – that’s was very nice of your coworkers. It makes such a difference if your coworkers are good people.
    Suze – neither hubby nor I are great with dates… I remember one anniversary my friend called to wish us happy anniversary – we’d both forgotten until that call!
    Ilona – what a sweet man! He’s a keeper!

  8. I started my brand new job three days after my birthday. My second day on the job my new department was celebrating someone else’s birthday and during the conversation they asked when mine was. On hearing it had just passed they planned a party for me the next week! So special. The people here are wonderful. 🙂

  9. The year my son bought me a pencil. His school had a gift fair and he bought me a Green Bay Packers pencil. He was so proud that he had picked it and paid for it himself. I still have that pencil 20+ years later.

  10. My favorite birthday memory was my 22nd birthday. heh, it was when Disneyland was having their entrance free on birthday’s and well, my sister and I went and it was just so special and amazing for me because it was when they had just completed the new water show at California Adventure and… that… is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Truly, Disneyland makes magic come true. It was the most breathtaking, awe inspiring display I’d ever and probably will ever see. I’ll never forget it.

  11. My sister wanted to bake her own birthday cake one year. It seemed to defy the laws of gravity and science as the solid finished cake dripped off the sides of the circular cake tree in every direction.

  12. For my 21st birthday, my parents got me two tickets to see my fave band, FUN. in concert. It was the first concert I’ve ever gone to, and I absolutely loved it.

  13. My most interesting birthday was when my niece was born on my 22nd birthday. I think it makes a unique, special connection

  14. For my 23rd birthday, my (former) boyfriend got us tickets to go to a huge music festival nearby. It was the first time I’d ever celebrated my birthday away from my parents, since the date fell outside of the college and internship time periods. It was the first time I’d gotten to attend a festival like it, the first time semi camping, first and only time I woke up drinking and went to sleep drinking. First time twisting both ankles too, but hey, the good comes with the bad. So much good music and such a fun time. I’d go again, but I don’t handle smelling pot smoke very well. More indoor concerts are in my future instead 🙂

  15. Well, hello! The week long birthday bash has been busy, since it culminates with my hubby’s birthday. I’ll post the winner in a few minutes, and thank you all for stopping by to enter 🙂

    Ashley – sounds like a birthday was a great way to start a new job.

    Susan – so cute! I love that you still have the pencil.

    Judi – Not many places better to spend your birthday than the happiest place on earth!

    Jillian – I made hubby a Black Forest birthday cake when we first started dating. It split in the middle and slid to opposite sides of the tray. So sad!

    Emily – awesome present!

    Shannon – friends of ours had a daughter on my birthday. At least I’ll never forget her birthday 🙂

    Sarah – sounds like a great memory, and I’m with you. I’d rather see indoor concerts, although I’ve been to a couple outdoor festivals that I really enjoyed.